Craft Your Escape

16 Mile’s owner, Brett McCrea, has been to many countries that make good beer. When deciding which origin 16 Mile’s beer would take influence from, he thought that England did the best job on a myriad of styles from 3% to 11% ABV. Most of our beers are in the 4%-6% range. We make beers that have higher ABV but we want people to stay a while, so we produce beers that are in the “sessionable” range.

Original 6 Specialty Seasonal

Original 6

Always and Forever!

The "Original 6" beers are those that helped launched 16 Mile brewery into stardom back in 2009. Beer used to be served from a tap punched into the wall of the brewery itself. At that time there were only 3 beers brewed and on tap. Those Beers were: Amber Sun, Old Court and Blues Golden. When there was a crowd inside the brewery blocking the brewers and a line wrapping around the outside it was time to expand. The tavern was made and 3 more beers were created to flagship the company.


Lucky You!

These beers were inspired by our brewers love of a challenge, fun and creativity. And of course...because we love our customers so much that we listen to them when they talk!


Good Timing!

We believe that using locally grown, fresh ingredients is truly the best way to live in a community that sustains itself. Appreciating and understanding the seasonal land we have been blessed with, is the best way to get the most out of any ingredient we use.