Night Stalker Stout

Imperial/Double Stout - ABV 10% - IBUs 55

We take ingredients that can be found in specific places around the world, where The American Special Operations Night Stalkers are based and operate. The first ingredient symbolizes where the regiment we chose is based, in Kentucky. This is done by soaking oak spires in a case of Lexington Bourbon and adding this during the pre-fermentation stage to contribute to the body of the stout. Next, we add ingredients to represent the countries they perform missions in. We add green cardamom (a citrusy spice) and ginger during the boil and dry hopping stages to impart a subtle flavor and aroma. These spices are commonly used in foods from places like Somalia and Afghanistan. Finally, we added honey during the post fermentation stage. Honey farming has taken place in Iraq for thousands of years and it nicely rounds out the astringency of the black malts used in this imperial stout.
The stout was first brewed on October 3, 2013 to mark the 20th anniversary of the Battle in Mogadishu, which inspired the movie Blackhawk Down. This stout will take roughly 30 days to mature and will come to market in early November. Proceeds go to the Night Stalkers Association.

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