Cold Brew Coffee

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Jacked Up Java is a cold brewed coffee featuring natural milk chocolate and nutty flavors, a creamy body, sweet finish, and no acidity. Although Jacked Up Java is brewed by 16 Mile, it’s just coffee, an all-natural caffeinated drink that everyone can enjoy.

The Brewing Process

Our cold brew begins with quality, ethically sourced, Arabica beans from Peru that are carefully roasted in small batches by Little Goat Roasting Company (Newark, DE). Once the beans have rested for a short time, they are ground and placed in a cold water bath. Then, we just wait – more than 24 hours – until all of the beans’ natural flavors have been extracted. The resulting coffee features the natural rich flavors of the bean with no acidity. While some people love to dress-up their coffee with cream and sugar, our cold brew can be enjoyed alone, straight out of the bottle or over ice.


Jacked Up Java can be purchased at the 16 Mile mobile bar on weekdays from 7 – 11 am and anytime at the tavern. Look for it in bottles at select local retailers.